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Welcome to my website

I love learning about successful businesses, my goal is to continue to learn and go outside of my comfort zone. Why did you start the business? What’s your unique solution to the problem you solve? That’s what keeps me writing copy and telling clients’ stories with Public Relations and communications skill.

My name is Sari Widuri, currently I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love travelling and coffee addict also, I like to write to add content to my website during my free time when I am not working. I recommend hobbies, projects, passions, anything that helps you to be motivated and energized, especially ones that you love or would love to learn how to do. And if these hobbies and projects make a little cash on the side all the better! 

I hope you join me on this journey. There is nothing wrong with a little stress to propel you forward to realize your dream. Just think about what you want and Go for It! ♥ If you’re looking for someone people-driven, creative, and ready to learn, please don’t hesitate to contact me at